Afrojack presents Global Remix Battle II

Battle the best to become the greatest

We are looking for the next global superstar as we search for producers to join our world-leading team for a life changing experience with Afrojack, PMC, Wall Recordings and LDH Europe. The lucky winner will receive:
  1. Artist development contract with LDH Europe
  2. Mentoring by Afrojack and his team
  3. Your track released on Wall Recordings
  4. A pair of critically acclaimed PMC result6 studio monitors


Simply follow the download button to enter your details in order to access and download the remix samples from the Afrojack banger ‘Switch’. Use your production skills to remix the track in your style and return here to upload your track. Remix submissions should be uploaded to your own private Soundcloud account and uploaded via the below upload button.

If you believe you have what it takes – enter the battle now

Remix submissions will be accepted between June 1st 2019 & September 12 2019 Good luck! speakericonfind out more about pmc monitors * Please note we are not accepting WAV, MP3, or any other audio file formats provided over email, upload or any other delivery method.